Mutantpop & Walking The Wrong Way

Mutantpop originally was a mashup compilation series I created, compiling the mashups, designing the inlays and giving them to friends.

It then became my domain for various projects including a now defunct mashup forum, and a place to post my mashups – there’s a WordPress blog with each artist (an alias of mine) themed separately. Originally this was through an early version of WordPress Multi-User sites which stopped being supported, but now it’s some CSS and PHP magic to switch the skin according to author 😉

Most recently it became home to my site profiling my walking and photography Walking The Wrong Way. I’ve been slowly walking the whole of the River Thames (as of writing I’ve done near Abingdon all the way down to Cliffe) as a photography project since 1999, and more recently coastal walks in chunks going around Britain – currently have done Chichester to Isle of Sheppey. The site’s name comes from the fact I tend to do my walks the ‘wrong’ way – into the sun, into the wind,

I designed and built the Walking The Wrong Way in WordPress, like all of my personal sites, and it includes geo-tagged posts, and a map to locate each of the walks, and I create a GPS GPX track of each walk so I can tag the photos but also show the path I took on the blog.

Also there’s digital debris, my experimental/spoken word podcast using mostly Creative Commons or Public Domain material, unlike my main podcast Radio Clash which ran for 10 years, which focused on mashups, remixes and commercially released music. I designed both