Depeche Mode remix video

Depeche Mode remix video

A friend and longtime music producer Rhythm Scholar released a white-label remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ and I asked to make the video. I wanted to learn more about Davinci Resolve, it was edited and graded purely in that programme, and this made a good test project as previously I’ve created…

Cinema 4D VFX Tests – Don’t Panic

Cinema 4D VFX Tests – Don’t Panic

I’m currently learning Maxon Cinema 4D, and these are example VFX experiments in Cinema 4D Lite with Adobe After Effects CC using metallic textures and reflections, camera and Mograph animation. The textures were pretty much all created from scratch, especially the gold texture, and the planet started out as a green marble texture! I learned…



Here is a showreel I created last year – including work not featured here, created in Adobe Premiere. The audio a mashup I made called ‘Burn Yr Radio’ (Leftfield featuring John Lydon vs Queen vs Public Enemy) which not only was featured on Bootie’s website, has also been played before Duran Duran in the States.…


Artemis After Effects presentation

Using the cut-out and animate effect as used currently in motion comics I created this presentation for Artemis (agency: Libertine) taking their mostly static art and a few predone sequences and bringing it alive in After Affects, using Photoshop cutouts, synced music, focus pulling, tracking, motion fractal smoke, 3D layers, expressions and Ken Burns style…


Music Composition and Production

I’ve been writing and producing my own music since 1987, originally via home keyboards and then my Amiga computer, but nowadays I use a range of tools, from Ableton Live, REAPER to hardware such as Korg Volcas, Teenage Engineering PO12 (like the track above), Korg Poly 800, Mackie VLZ mixer and Audio Technica 2020 condenser microphone, iPad…


Matilda the musical

This was a pitch for doing the online and offline promotion for Matilda the Musical for AKA. The first is an example page takeover with Matilda exerting her power to sabotage the page. It was built in After Effects – the challenge being how to animate water effectively, and keying in the video of the little girl, and the flying text animations

Out of This World BBC Worldwide stings

Out of This World BBC Worldwide stings

These were for a sci-fi convention screening of upcoming BBC Sci-Fi shows, to be included in between the features (Dr Who, Misfits, Survivors etc). It was a very loose brief apart from the static logo and the desired length, so I was free to create these from scratch, art direct, animate in After Effects, and…

La Soirée-thumb

La Soirée digital panel

This is a digital panel I did for La Soirée cabaret show while at AKA, I also did quite a lot of similar Flash work for them.


Shrek the Musical

Sadly I don’t have much surviving from Shrek the Musical I did for AKA due to a disk crash, but I did do a lot of work on the site, animation, etc. Here is a pitch for a animated bus advert, which were pretty new, so exciting to work with new technology like with the…


Nando’s Noise

A short but sweet animation for Nando’s – bringing a static graphic to life, which involved as with the Artemis a LOT of cutting in Photoshop since of course no layered file was available! Created in After Effects.


Super Monkey Ball 3D

These Flash banners for Super Monkey Ball 3D for Waste, a SEGA/3DS game were an interesting exercise in optimisation for Flash, having to be 50k, 65k and rich media (the top MPU is an example of that). Even though most of the assets were vector, and I spent a long time simplifying them, especially the…

Inlay/flyer design and illustration

Although I'm not a print designer by trade, I've been designing and illustrating inlays, flyers and posters since the cassette era. Most recently it's CD and promotional cover art design for my own podcast/mixes, but I have some of my work on iTunes (seen in the gallery below). I've been working in a more loose chaotic style to…


A friend of mine runs Subversive Comics, and he asked for some idents and a mockup of a motion comic (something I’d already done with Artemis) for a mobile app pitch – . Bearlands is one of their biggest comics about a bear fighting other zombie bears, but more recently their cyber epic Metal Made…

Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me

Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me

Sadly not a commission but something I made for my VJ gigs – I love Petula Clark’s ‘Cut Copy Me’ and the remix from Compuphonic didn’t have a video, so I made one. Using a variety of tools – from VDMX and an experimental glitch Quartz plugin captured live via Syphon – on my old…


Snowbombing – VJing

I have been DJing since 1994, but recently branched out into VJing via VirtualDJ and VDMX, and was one of the resident VJs at Kleptonite at the Britannia in Hackney. I’d actually started off doing VJ work in 1993, doing visuals for a friend’s night at art school called Milk Laboratory (mildly NSFW) – they…


Olivier Awards

Here is an advert I did for XTP (the adverts projected on the tube platform in London) for Olivier Awards using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, including the flowing ‘curtains’ which were generated by expressions. I also did an ambient video for the event itself, shown before and after the awards on large screens, as…


Despicable Me video/flash ad

Despicable Me is an animated CGI movie and unusually they supplied special CGI motion assets with rendered alpha, effects and lighting layers. The idea was that the man comes on, zaps the banner, picks it up then text animated in and it goes onto the rest of the ad in Flash.  Shown is the main…


Radio Clash Live

Radio Clash Live is the radio station I've run since 2013. I'd always been experimenting with live broadcasts at the same time as my podcasts as early as 2007 - and was streaming live via Second Life regularly, but when I discovered Airtime I decided to create my own station! Originally scheduled with podcasts from…

WebTrends Tarot

Working at Tidalwave I designed a mini-site for Websense, based around the Tarot. Each area was illustrated by a Tarot theme, based around 7 people / 7 cards, and buttons used astrological symbols. The shuffle feature was to be animated, and included a true/false game.


A friend was starting a hip-hop night in Manchester and I pitched some flyer and branding designs to him and the venue. It didn't happen, but it was a lot of fun to get out the stencils, spraycans and markers and actually create the assets outside of the computer. That's very much a way I…


This was a presentation for Phones4U and Samsung for small back room just before the release of the S3. I did the titling and animation in After Effects, and suggested some of the music (being a big fan of Nero at the time!). Like with the Catlin Graduate video I worked closely with the editor,…

ToTom – Novae Servae

ToTom – Novae Servae

A friend (ToTom) released a well-regard and very much blogged mashup album called Kanye of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age vs Kanye. It was featured in The Independent, AVClub, Consequence of Sound, and I think mentioned by some of QOTSA. I was taken by a bonus track ‘Novae Servae’ which takes Avon…


Catlin graduate film

It’s unusual to have a job that is purely animation, but for the Catlin Graduate Film I provided all the subtle ambient animation and lower thirds in After Effects, and worked closely with the video editor on pacing and feel. I think it came out really well.



This was a video banner ad campaign for Framestore, built in After Effects and deployed into Doubleclick via Flash. A lot of text animation… P.S. There should be 4 adverts visible – if not and you’re running an adblocker (U-block, ABP etc) please disable it and refresh the page.

E-Jitz – Def Con Wan

E-Jitz – Def Con Wan

Friends recorded and released this cover of Pop Will Eat Itself’s Def Con One on 10″ vinyl (which got the thumbs up from various members of the band) and they asked me to make the official video, wanting a ‘schizophrenic’ feel. As the lyrics throws out so many cultural references I wanted to make a…


Nescafe Dolce Gusto

At McCann Erickson I did this ad for Nescafe – the coding of the interactive element, the transparency of the cups (which had to be just-so I remember! Hard to actually emulate true refraction/reflection in Flash…) and build/animation.


GI Joe escalator panels / Piccadilly lite

Not all my animation is Flash-based; I’ve been using After Effects for many years, and recently have created video panels for L’Oreal (Westfield) and most recently escalator panels and a Piccadily line panel for the film GI Joe. The poster art already existed but was static, so the brief was to bring it alive and…


BBC Worldwide stings

When I was working at the BBC I was asked to create some stings – stings are the short little idents that appear between the programs. These were to appear between programs at the media buying conference in Brighton. This also included some sound design and composition. I did one set of generic stings at…



I first started taking photographs when I was 8 years old on a plastic GALT toy camera with 120 film, and as you can see I’ve moved on from that slightly! I now have a City and Guilds level 2 in Photography (Distinction x2 and Merit in all 3 modules) and am continuing my studies…


Mutantpop & Walking The Wrong Way

Mutantpop originally was a mashup compilation series I created, compiling the mashups, designing the inlays and giving them to friends. It then became my domain for various projects including a now defunct mashup forum, and a place to post my mashups - there's a Wordpress blog with each artist (an alias of mine) themed separately.…
Her Breath Is The Wind – mashup & AVID video

Her Breath Is The Wind – mashup & AVID video

An introduction to one of my mashups, which is Sia’s Breathe Me vs Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon (it was downloaded more than 50,000 times on Soundcloud, and featured on Bootie’s website). I do the audio production for these mashups and mixes in a variety of programs, from Ableton Live 9, REAPER 5 and Adobe Audition, and…


Butlins ‘Sparkle’ and ‘Hardlife’ training videos

These are two training videos for Butlins I created involving Premiere Pro editing, titling, sound production (the original footage was recorded in noisy environments so it was fun trying to at least equalise and increase level without too much noise) and an intro After Effects sequence involving TV effects, animation, low-res clips (hence I suggested…

The Videotones – mashup video album project

The Videotones – mashup video album project

This was a personal project with Eric Kleptones of The Kleptones eventually creating a ‘video mashup album’ or long video mix of his Uptime/Downtime albums. We’re collaborating with several other video mashup artists, but here are my additions to the project – initially released on Vimeo and Youtube, my videos been DJ’d around the world…


BBC Worldwide – Luther promo

As with the Sherlock this is another promo minisite, this time for Luther. Email build and design/animation amends (some of the initial animation was done, just tidying it up a bit), Flash build and fullscreen development. Again, the only thing that wasn't finished was the promo! Hence it cutting short. Also designed and built a…

BBC Worldwide – Sherlock

These are promotional teasers for BBC's new Sherlock series. They are small flash sites for BBC Worldwide purely intended for media buyers before the big conference in Brighton, sent by email - I was involved in the email build and design also. The idea is that who the teasers are for is never revealed til…


Not many people can say they designed a virtual club, but I did for General Motors / Pontiac via friends of mine, as part of their presence in Second Life. The Parkade was a club run by via DJ/mashup friends where I was already DJ-ing, so when it needed a re-brand I jumped at the…

BP Fuel Card

Animation and build of Flash Banners for BP (agency: small back room). Getting the wavy line smooth in the second one was tricky, since you have to ease and and out otherwise it looks like waggling/shaking, luckily I’d created items moving to a path in After Effects so I was aware of the problem.


2 Park Avenue site

A site I built from flat mockups in Flash for Wordsearch. I used Greensock tweens to help smooth the animation, brought in the image loading dynamically for speed and coded the concertina. Later on I was brought in to create it in JQuery, but you can see the original Flash site here.


Ignis Superior Intelligence / In Your Sights

Expandable and interactive Flash banners for Ignis while at Libertine. I enjoyed doing the wall of TV effect, although that was difficult due to file size constraints. These were implemented in Flashtalking. (P.S. There should be 3 adverts visible – these might be blocked by U-block or an Adblocker – not surprisingly because they are…


University minisite

A minisite for members of an academic establishment while working at LIDA, mockups designed in Photoshop using the famous logo as an animation device to pull people in.

Guy Degrenne

Designs for the Guy Degrenne Hotel website while working at Vivid.

Radio Clash Music Podcast

I've been running Radio Clash Podcast and blog since 2004; one of the first music podcasts in the UK I was part of the first wave of podcasting. I've had press reviews and interviews in Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out, Now Playing magazine, .Net magazine, PodfinderUK, BBC Collective, The Independent, Dazed and Confused, BBC Radio…

Placcymedia – personal sites

You might have noticed the little guy in the top, the bearded version of a 'warning sign'. Not only is this a miniature portrait of me, beard and all (one main difference - I lost the hair!) - but it was from one of the previous portfolio sites I've designed (Mk 3, Placcymedia). This currently…

How to Lose Friends And Alienate People

Video banners for this film while working at Feref; a mix of After Effects work, Flash animation and coding, with some Flashtalking integration. P.S. There should be 2 adverts visible – if not and you’re running an adblocker (U-block, ABP etc) please disable it and refresh the page. The bouncer ad includes several pieces of…


Now 72 pitch

Animated and video banners for a pitch for Now 72 at Framestore – the flowers on the skyscraper are coded to appear and animate randomly and thus fit within the 30K limit.


Sony Infamous synch ad

A humorous expand/synched ad for Sony / McCann Erickson via Framestore for the game ‘Infamous’ with again as with Ask Jeeves I was providing the online expertise and Framestore were providing the assets and 3D. The idea was to expose the fact the game isn’t black and white, actions have consequences! It’s not possible to…


Ask Jeeves

Creation and build of an online campaign for Ask Jeeves working with Framestore, the 3D specialists. I was brought in to consult, direct and create the online part of the whole campaign to bring back Jeeves – Framestore were creating a 3D version of Jeeves for TV and needed my expertise in adapting the 3D…


AGA – Investec

Flash animation and Flashtalking integration for this investment services company via Gravity – these are the standard Flash ads, I also created some rich video expandable ads on Flashtalking. (P.S. There should be 2 adverts visible – if not and you’re running an adblocker (U-block, ABP etc) please disable it and refresh the page.)


Universal Music

These are designs for the Universal Music Intranet 'The Globe' - they range from the more functional/corporate while still retaining a fresh feel and a sense of the entertainment side of the company, to more experimental designs that are more 'Myspace' and a more youthful feel. These were eventually going to be built in a…

London Live website design and emails

Designs for London Live (agency: AKA), which is a group of 12 theatres and venues from Southbank Centre to the Almeida and ENO. Brief was to design the website and dynamic/modular email advertising the special ticket offers - not only the one you've expressed interest in, but also the other ones from the group.

aka website designs

Possible designs for the aka website, an agency in London - including a more conservative template-friendly design and one based around video and pseudo-3D 'rooms' - the example here shows the 'expand' state after you've clicked on the pictures, which would be dynamically updated via Flash.
Scarey Xmas – Santastic video

Scarey Xmas – Santastic video

Here’s a mashup video I created for my track for the brilliant Santastic 4 christmas mashup compilation – a mix of Mariah Carey, Dillinja and The Nightmare Before Christmas, the video also has appearances from the film Human Traffic and Christmas Evil. It was made in After Effects, with extensive time remapping needed for Mariah’s…


O&G Cleaning presentation

This was a presentation design and mockup build in Flash for a cleaning company to give out as a promotional CD. I was working pretty much off the logo and nothing more, apart from a list of content sections. Flash presentation (click here to show, beacuse it includes sound on autoplay)

London Calling (London Elects)

This was for LIDA (one of the Saatchi Village) creating pitch designs for London Elects before the London Mayoral election - like the Universal Music intranet I pretty much had free range with concept and design, with some art direction from the creative director. The idea was an interactive map of London, a Sim-city style…

After Effects video examples (The Bank)

Here are some examples of After Effects work I did at The Bank, including keying, particle generation, rotoscoping and light effects The first piece was shot against green screen – I keyed out the people using KeyLight, then matched the ‘virtual studio’ background to each shot. The second video – the brief was to create…


Bishop’s Place website

Design, build and FTP of a website for a Shoreditch property development for Bleach in PHP, CSS2 and HTML, using Dreamweaver and Photoshop.


Ford Focus Presentation

Created for an e-brochure CD for fleet purchasers; this presentation I created purely in Flash, design, animation (inc. the glow effects using filters), coded tweening and scrolling, and some video integration.


Community Care Live Portal

Community Care Live Scotland website designs while working at Vivid, Photoshop.

Simpsons DVD

Simpsons banners for the launch of the series 11 DVD while at Feref – the spinning background I created and animated for this was also used on the TV commercial! Usually the TV commercial sets the style for the online elements, so it was nice that it went the other way for once, and have…


Jersey Boys

Flash banners created for the Christmas promotion of the musical Jersey Boys (agency: AKA) – this involved animation, some coding (the snow) and optimisation for a small size. (P.S. There should be 2 adverts visible – if not and you’re running an adblocker (U-block, ABP etc) please disable it and refresh the page.)

Reckoner Lockdown video

Reckoner Lockdown video

I edited this mashup video of the Radiohead and Kanye West videos for DJ Earworm’s excellent mashup, using Premiere Pro CS3 and a little bit of After Effects CS3 for titling…pretty good for 3 hours work! 😀 And the video has been written about and linked on Stereogum, NY Observer and MashupTown, as well as…

Neon Sex People

Neon Sex People

I also DJ (usually under the name Instamatic or DJNoNo) online and off, and create mashups and mixes, have been involved in doing so since 2003, and have DJ’d several times in San Francisco, London, Germany and Bristol. This is one of my mashups ‘Neon Sex People’ which I also created a video for, mashing…


Prince Caspian

I built and animated these Flash banners for Disney’s Prince Caspian to promote the game and the film for Feref, and designed some of the banner backgrounds such as the expandable background. I also designed the MSN skin which you can see below, purely in Photoshop, which like the banners was using the few poster…


The Unborn

Working at TEA I designed and built this Bebo takeover for the horror film ‘The Unborn’. I came up with the flowing concept, designed and developed the various assets from Flash design, animation and coding, background design and build of all textures in Photoshop from a single framegrab from the video, created the flashy scary…


blueyonder flash banners

I designed, art directed and built this campaign for the games channel at blueyonder, there were 40 different banners all needing to be turned around every week, from Flash and animated GIFs. The challenge was one of file size since they wanted to show a lot of the games, but there was a real limit…

HellBoy II streaming banners

Here are banners I built and integrated with video for the HellBoy II film (agency: Feref) – again working from an existing Photoshop design, but I had to (re)build and edit some of the backgrounds, and create and code the video controls, build the ‘bling’ effects, transitions etc. P.S. There should be 5 adverts visible…



Animation and build for these banners advertising the film ‘Deathrace’ for Feref working to an existing flat Photoshop mockup, the challenge was to attract the eye while keeping the filesize small. P.S. There should be 2 adverts visible – if not and you’re running an adblocker (U-block, ABP etc) please disable it and refresh the…


AMD Flash expandable interactive banners

This is a Flash interactive campaign for AMD (agency: clickTAG) – which included a simple ‘shoot-em-up’ game and an exapandable banner. I did the build and coding then integration into the FlashTalking system. P.S. There should be 2 adverts visible – if not and you’re running an adblocker (U-block, ABP etc) please disable it and…


This One’s For Joe

This One's For Joe is a mashup compilation in honour of Joe Strummer, released on the anniversary of his death. I organised the project, did several of the mashups, and did all the cover designs and web design. It had over a thousand downloads within a week of release, and probably many more since. The…

Beaconbrands website

I came up with the concept, designed and built this agency website a while ago - originally I was briefed to build it all in Flash like the first page, with each item 'zooming' in and out, but last year they asked me back to create the subpages in HTML - less interactive but means…