ToTom – Novae Servae

A friend (ToTom) released a well-regard and very much blogged mashup album called Kanye of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age vs Kanye. It was featured in The Independent, AVClub, Consequence of Sound, and I think mentioned by some of QOTSA.

I was taken by a bonus track ‘Novae Servae’ which takes Avon by QOTSA and mixes it with New Slaves and Prodigy’s Wild Frontier, because of the themes in both songs – it was just after Black Friday and before Christmas so the attack on commercialism appealed to me, and also Paris had just happened and the city was on lockdown, and ToTom as a French mashup artist he wanted to include some of the related COP21 protests and I was happy to oblige.

Apart from Wild Frontier there isn’t an official video for the other tracks, so I had a lot of fun compiling amateur shot videos of the ‘New Slaves’ projections, live videos of QOTSA and mixing in old film footage, which as you’ll see from my Her Breath Is The Wind video I love scratchy old film, as I also love modern B-frame glitches.