The Unborn

Working at TEA I designed and built this Bebo takeover for the horror film ‘The Unborn’.

I came up with the flowing concept, designed and developed the various assets from Flash design, animation and coding, background design and build of all textures in Photoshop from a single framegrab from the video, created the flashy scary bits with the boy using various filters and animation, and video encode and functionality. They’d not done a takeover before, and Bebo was redesigning it’s site so there was a lot of fluidity and they looked to a technical as well as conceptual lead from me.

As well as the Bebo campaign I worked on the rest of the campaign for other sites and banners (static and Flash) in a similar vein and then integrating it with Eyeblaster, creating video packages etc.

Click the picture to be taken to the sample page with all the Flash elements on.