Snowbombing – VJing

I have been DJing since 1994, but recently branched out into VJing via VirtualDJ and VDMX, and was one of the resident VJs at Kleptonite at the Britannia in Hackney. I’d actually started off doing VJ work in 1993, doing visuals for a friend’s night at art school called Milk Laboratory (mildly NSFW) – they were pre-recorded and projected, mostly video cutups of found video, strange super 8 films friends found, and loops but also later feedback effects, video studio effect, colour effects, and Amiga animations keyed into the footage. It was actually shown at nights in Ireland also.

Through the return to VJing I heard that Microchunk were wanting to commission some loops for Snowbombing, a snowboarding and music festival in Austria, so I mocked up some loops for them in a variety of plugins, mostly Boris in Premiere – several of which were generated by the music itself, especially the 3D ‘blitter balls’. I’m not sure if they used them or not, but I’ve mocked up what they would have looked like here with some of the sample loops I sent them, I was going for a snowy/smokey vibe mostly because the event was mostly dubstep and drum and bass, so they needed a mix of tempos. I’m especially fond of the really ambient ones, like a galactic fish tank.