Radio Clash Live

Radio Clash Live is the radio station I’ve run since 2013. I’d always been experimenting with live broadcasts at the same time as my podcasts as early as 2007 – and was streaming live via Second Life regularly, but when I discovered Airtime I decided to create my own station!

Originally scheduled with podcasts from my archive as well as friends, it also showcased mixes and mashups from other people. And every Wednesday I did a live broadcast and podcast recording.

Eventually I decided to code it myself using Liquidsoap, since Airtime was so flaky and I needed something that was automatically generated from files, using Icecast2 and my own server, and the site is built in WordPress. So I did so, and ran like that for a few years until last year I decided to rebrand it as ‘Classic Bootleg Radio’ – the mashups were always the most requested thing anyway – and lose the ‘Live’ element. That’s how it is now, it’s pulling the files to play off the Bootleg Archive, which is a crowd-sourced archival project trying to preserve mashups pre-2007, since many of the original ‘bastard pop’ and ‘bootleg’ artists have long gone offline. You can listen to it here: