Placcymedia – personal sites

You might have noticed the little guy in the top, the bearded version of a ‘warning sign’. Not only is this a miniature portrait of me, beard and all (one main difference – I lost the hair!) – but it was from one of the previous portfolio sites I’ve designed (Mk 3, Placcymedia).

This currently is Portfolio site Mk5 (not counting my original Geocities artist portfolio from 1996!) Below you can see various designs from 1999 to present, ranging from basic HTML to PHP, Flash and WordPress, including a graphical pinboard with image maps and chunky buttons which is from mk1, my previous WordPress site which was rather restrained and monochrome but used custom (not Typekit/Google) typefaces and automatic page to PDF creation. Mk2 is the interim site with the blue photo, and ‘This Is Me’ is an unused mockup.

I’m still really proud of that ‘Mk 3’ site which was on my old domain (placcymedia), it was built in a modular fashion in Flash with external movies  dynamically loaded in, and text files so I could easily update it. This became the norm for my professional work at the time too – it was fast and easy to edit.

I’ve uploaded it here – you’ll need Flash, and warning, it has automatically playing music from myself – but there is an off switch!