Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me

Sadly not a commission but something I made for my VJ gigs – I love Petula Clark’s ‘Cut Copy Me’ and the remix from Compuphonic didn’t have a video, so I made one. Using a variety of tools – from VDMX and an experimental glitch Quartz plugin captured live via Syphon – on my old machine so it’s slightly jerky which adds to the computerised effect I feel, ASCII to Video programs (most of them only ran on old PC’s/emulation, and mostly not used since the results weren’t that good, so I made my own with After Effects Expressions), it was a mix of live effects and edited ones.

This video almost got me a job last year working for one of the biggest bands in the world (I can’t say who online, I signed a NDA ;-), the agency loved the feel of this, and wanted something similar for a treatment of a video piece by one of my heroes from the 90’s! Shame it didn’t work out (the band decided not to go with that section) because I would have probably gone over to the States for the start of the tour. It was a great confidence boost to not only be considered, but also the chance to maybe work with the past video cutup greats, and placed above other video artists.