Out of This World BBC Worldwide stings

These were for a sci-fi convention screening of upcoming BBC Sci-Fi shows, to be included in between the features (Dr Who, Misfits, Survivors etc).

It was a very loose brief apart from the static logo and the desired length, so I was free to create these from scratch, art direct, animate in After Effects, and produce the audio whooshes and effects. It was a lot of fun!

I rebuilt the existing logo in AE and animated it and the background provided in various ways, including smoke effects, glitchy computer effects, particle systems, fractal noise, tv pixels and zooms. I had fun coming up with the various bleeps and bloops on this – some a combination of samples I found, others generated purely in After Effects itself.

Also at BBC Worldwide I did end cards/stings for their YouTube channel animating the ‘rings’ and BBC logo with various characters popping up from behind.

Also on Vimeo if the above is having problems:

As my server is a little slow, it might be best to press play and pause and let the video preload before playing through – also Chrome or Safari recommended as Firefox’s flash video playback is a little choppy.