Inlay/flyer design and illustration

Although I’m not a print designer by trade, I’ve been designing and illustrating inlays, flyers and posters since the cassette era. Most recently it’s CD and promotional cover art design for my own podcast/mixes, but I have some of my work on iTunes (seen in the gallery below). I’ve been working in a more loose chaotic style to match the mashup aesthetic over the last 5 years, doing what I call Google Collages – taking a single term and trawling through Google Images and creating only with what I find there as a challenge. Also I like to work quickly in Photoshop (or sometimes in physical media) and set myself limits of a few hours to try and make sure I don’t get lost in the detail.

And it doesn’t stop here, these are just the projects that don’t really deserve their own page – other inlay and illustration related projects that have separate pages here are Radio Clash, Mutant Pop, Barfly, and This One’s For Joe.