Her Breath Is The Wind – mashup & AVID video

An introduction to one of my mashups, which is Sia’s Breathe Me vs Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon (it was downloaded more than 50,000 times on Soundcloud, and featured on Bootie’s website).
I do the audio production for these mashups and mixes in a variety of programs, from Ableton Live 9, REAPER 5 and Adobe Audition, and Acid Pro originally. I used to DJ regularly using Traktor or CD-Js – including Bootie in San Francisco, and still occasionally VJ using VirtualDJ or VDMX but also many times in Germany, Bristol, Birmingham and London, and podcast which I’ve recently stopped, but I still create mixes over on my Mixcloud and posted over at Radio Clash.

This video also an exercise in using AVID Media Creator. I did the AVID MC101 course a few years back, and have produced a few videos with it to keep my skills fresh, it’s a different way of working than Premiere.

This was an experiment in using what is either called process stock footage or B-reel, and the video is mostly public domain (if not the audio!) which Archive.org posted online free for everyone to use. Directors send out secondary camera crews to film what is essentially ‘filler’, test footage or create backdrop shots for car scenes etc, source footage to be processed (hence I think the name). Quite a bit of this orphan footage has now fallen into the public domain, and as well as being a free source of stock, I love the scratchy feel of it, and also prosaic nature.