Despicable Me video/flash ad

Despicable Me is an animated CGI movie and unusually they supplied special CGI motion assets with rendered alpha, effects and lighting layers.

The idea was that the man comes on, zaps the banner, picks it up then text animated in and it goes onto the rest of the ad in Flash.  Shown is the main part of a YouTube sync ad, so I keyed the various 3D layers in After Effects – fixing some formats conversion interframe issues with the alpha, created the wibbly wobbly pull zoom effect as he shrinks the banner, comped in the new starting panel to match the banner he shrinks and picks up, frame by frame matching the action using various warps and motion blur and the text animation behind him at the end.

As my server is a little slow currently, it’s best to press play and pause and let the video preload before playing through – also Chrome or Safari recommended as Firefox’s flash video playback is a little choppy.