Cinema 4D VFX Tests – Don’t Panic

I’m currently learning Maxon Cinema 4D, and these are example VFX experiments in Cinema 4D Lite with Adobe After Effects CC using metallic textures and reflections, camera and Mograph animation.

The textures were pretty much all created from scratch, especially the gold texture, and the planet started out as a green marble texture! I learned a few things: reflections can take hours to render (I made the mistake of putting it up high for ‘ooh factor’ early on), most textures and plugins out there don’t seem to work with Lite hence I having to create or tweak these textures. Lighting, lighting, lighting…and I had a problem with Sky objects not rendering textures in AE, not sure why yet but at a pinch a Floor object angled at 90 degrees will do if not exactly true to life!

Also noise can animate, hence the strangeness in the first starfield, and Roughness with fairly high specular can create a strange speckled effect! I’ve now learned how to preview in C4D to avoid such mistakes…also not having the reflection so high I can preview in After Effects too.

It’s also a homage to my favourite series (Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy 😉