BBC Worldwide – Sherlock

These are promotional teasers for BBC’s new Sherlock series. They are small flash sites for BBC Worldwide purely intended for media buyers before the big conference in Brighton, sent by email – I was involved in the email build and design also. The idea is that who the teasers are for is never revealed til the final email, a sort of detective hunt. The brief was to keep them simple.

I also designed and built a promotional Sherlock mini-site post-release, you can see the mockup in the gallery.

Involved Flash animation and build incorporating video (the video here is the temporary holder video which kind of gives it away! The promo wasn’t ready by the time I left the project, even though all the other assets were), design amends, CSS2 and HTML for emails.

First teaser site [link]
Second teaser site [link]
Final teaser site [link]