Artemis After Effects presentation

Using the cut-out and animate effect as used currently in motion comics I created this presentation for Artemis (agency: Libertine) taking their mostly static art and a few predone sequences and bringing it alive in After Affects, using Photoshop cutouts, synced music, focus pulling, tracking, motion fractal smoke, 3D layers, expressions and Ken Burns style motion tracking.

I even created the flies from scratch using expressions and comped animation!

The only sequences that were predone were climbing, dog, balloon and river pieces, but even those created a challenge, as with the river sequence the client wanted to delete the metallic animal from the far bank, so I had to track the sequence as seamlessly as possible and cover up the grassy bank, without having access to the original After Effects files.

I also had to do a little editing on the Blondie music to make the end sequence fit better.

As my server is a little slow, it’s best to press play and pause and let the video preload before playing through – also Chrome or Safari recommended as Firefox’s flash video playback is a little choppy – or play from Vimeo below: